Sunday, September 20, 2009

Keeping my fingers crossed.

I ended up back in the hospital again, but I think there's a solution this time. The doctor here seems to think I am having adrenal suppression. This is the first diagnosis that has really made sense since I started feeling sick in July. He thinks it's because I've been on prednisone so long that my adrenal glands aren't functioning properly. So, the good news is that it seems to be a relatively easy fix. The other good part is that all of my symptoms fit this diagnosis and my doctor told me that he's pretty confident this is what's wrong. I haven't had a doctor be so sure about what's wrong with me since this all started. I'm feeling much more optimistic that we've got it figured out this time. THAT and isn't not really related to my surgery or ileostomy output. It's all related to the prednisone. My diet is fine, I'm taking in enough fluids, and everything else has been successful. They are going to MRI my liver again and try to get a little more information about the mass on my liver, but that's all unrelated to my UC also.

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  1. An answer is always good especially when it is an answer to how you might be feeling.
    Keep us posted. ML