Thursday, July 16, 2009

Admitted to the Hospital

Saturday July 11 was the last day of my prednisone taper. I started feeling a little nauseous on the Friday night before that. I spent all the Saturday pretty sick and made the decision that if I wasn't feeling any better by Sunday that I would go to the emergency room. Well, I bet you can guess what I spent my Sunday doing. The took me into triage, gave me IV fluids, nausea medication, ran some bloode and urine tests and pretty much sent me on my way home. I felt alright for a couple of hours then spent the entire night sick as all hell again.

SO, I went to a different emergency room on Monday with the same symptoms (nausea, vomiting, light headed, dehydration, dizzy, no appetite, can't keep any fluids down, heart rate through the roof). They did the same thing... IV fluids, nausea and pain medication. They did a cat scan which didn't give them much infomation. I hung out in their ER for about 7 hours and they discharged me even though I really wasn't feeling too much better.

Tuesday afternoon was the worst. Every time I ate or drank something I would throw it back up, making me more dehydrated and giving me abdominal pain. I was really starting to get worried because I knew something was definitely wrong, but the hospitals kept sending me home. Well I go back to the original emergency room that I went to and the admitted me within 10 minutes of getting there. Started running a whole bunch more tests. Some blood and urine labs and cultures, x-rays, pumping me full of IV fluids. I told them that my surgeon's PAC recommended I be admitted for no less than 24 hours. So, after about 7-8 hours in triage, they admitted me to stay over night in the hospital until they can figure out what's wrong because they finally started taking me a little more seriously *lol* I finally had someone tell me that there is definitely something wrong and we're working on finding out what it is. Got some pain medicine, clear liquids, nausea medication, antibiotics, IV steroids and went to bed.

Today I woke up and they drew some blood. A doctor came and spoke with me and told me that my labs showed some abnormalities in my kidneys (no good). He also told me that a GI doctor from my regular GI doctor's office would be coming by to check up on me along with a kidney specialist. Well the kidney specialist told me that on Sunday my kidneys were find, yesterday they started showing signs of failure and today started showing signs of improvement. So, they are monitoring my kidneys. I've had abdominal x-rays and ultrasounds of them. My GI doctors thinks I may have tapered off prednisone too quickly. I'm here at least until tomorrow afternoon, so we'll see what happens. FYI: don't dehydrated yourself after j-pouch surgey. Bad things happen. =)

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  1. Oh my goodness Erin. I hope that today is a better day for you. That is too bad that they wouldnt take you seriously the prior trips to the ER. What if you kidney's had failed because no one had noticed. So how much fluid do you drink now with surgery. Is it more or less than before. What are you suppose to drink? I just hope you feel better soon. ML