Sunday, July 5, 2009

My current list of annoyances.

I can't sleep through the night.
I can't get comfortable when I'm trying to sleep.
I'm losing weight, but not in my face yet. (1 more week of Prednisone)
My butt is sore.
I can't be up and about for more than a little while without getting tired.
Most of my wardobe is unwearable.
I'm so bored and want to go back to work.
I'm broke because I'm not working.
I want to get back into school.
It's driving me crazy that I was supposed to graduate with a Bachelor's Degree this year.
I miss spicy foods.
All the foods I like to eat are foods I'm not really supposed to eat.
Walking up 3 flights of stairs to get to my apartment.
My cats deciding to use their litter box within 5 minutes of me being nearby it.
The fact that I probably shouldn't be drinking soda, but can't stop.
Huge stretchmarks, everywhere.
It's summer and I am nowhere near the bikini body I used to have.


  1. being annoyed is so annoying. I totally understand. I do have a few questions for you. Are you not sleeping through night due to bag issues or from the prednisone? Losing weight, did the surgery make you lose weight and are you dieting or is it just because of the diet changes because of surgery? Yeah for almost no more prednisone. I know how you feel about that terrible drug. It worked for me as it really hammered my UC into control but then once I was off of it I was given the ok to get pregnant and boom we got pregnant first time (w/drugs) so I feel like I still have those prednisone pounds on after babies because I never got it off prior. did that make sense. What week are you in right now post surgery #1 and about how much activity are you able to do? And ugh strech marks....due to surgery? Sorry if that or any of these are too personal to ask. Just curious prior to surgery myself. I hope that today is a better day!

  2. I think I'm not sleeping through the night because of the bag being in my way. I usually have a little trouble when tapering off of the prednisone too, but mainly the bag being in the way. It's getting better. I'm figuring out ways I can lay comfortably and not worry about smashing the bag. I lost a little weight when I was in the hospital. Mainly because I didn't eat anything but clear liquids for about 4 days. I'm not exactly dieting, but I'm doing my best to stick the the low residue diet as recommended after surgery. I'm eating a lot less and drinking a lot more fluids. A lot of that also has to do with tapering off of the prednisone because my appetite is diminishing. I used to be able to eat and never stop. No plans to get pregnant any time soon here, but I'm sure when you have surgery it will help you lose some weight. A lot of my weight is like that inflated prednisone weight. Wenesday will be my 4th week out of surgery. My activity level is still pretty limited. I can walk around for a few hours, but I get pretty sore and tired. I'm still not trying to lift anything too heavy. I was able to lift a friend of mine's toddler about 10 days or so out of surgery. I feel ready to go back to work and I work in a retail store. I'm definitely not ready to start working out, but I wish I could because I've been very motivated to exercise. My stretch marks aren't because of surgery, they are because of the weight gain from surgery. As I have seen with many people, after going through UC your modesty kind of goes out the window. There are no questions too personal. =) My day did get better. I went for a drive.

  3. that modesty does go right out the window doesnt it. Especially when you have to "go" and you pull over on the freeway like I had to do one time heading towards Sedona when I was on a road trip. Good thing there was brush coverage. Ha! So I think I am confused. the marks are due to weight gain from surgery but you said you lost weight due to surgery. I know it seems vain but if I have to do this I am looking for the slightest bit of upswing and heck if I can loose 10lbs due to this surgery than so be it. Did that make sense? One thing I do know is that UC can really distort your body image because I grew to love my very skinny body when I was sick even though I got it from being sick which I hated being. It is tough being in remission and trying to lose weight and think back to a time when gaining weight was such a chore. The sick things this disease does to one's mind. Ugh.

  4. Ooops, I typed that wrong. The stretch marks are from the weight gain from the prednisone. I've done nothing but lose weight since having surgery. Sorry for the confusion. I totally get you, it's nice to have a little assistance with losing weight... surgery helps. Yeah I know exactly what you mean about the body image thing. I had a gorgeous body (not to sounds conceited, but it's true). UC definitely made me lose a lot of my confidence and I'm really not comfortable with how I look anymore. I feel like I'm looking at a stranger when I look in the mirror. I completely understand.