Monday, August 17, 2009

As I Add More Music To My iTunes...

Well, I have learned a couple of things about my body since my surgery. 1. My cramps from my period are worse. I don't know if it has to do with not having a colon, being on a different type of birth control, or simply just getting older. That sucks. 2. When I drink, I get buzzed MUCH faster. 3. I've been oddly able to eat salad with no problems. The only foods that have made me sick since I had surgery are biscuits and gravy from Burger King and Cream of Chicken Soup. 4. My scarring is pretty minimal, the stretch marks (that I got prior to surgery due to prednisone) are much worse.

Some stupid bitch that I worked with came up to me to talk to me today. She ran her hand over my ileostomy bag and asked if I was pregnant. I'm not. Then she said "Oh, you're just fat!". Fucking awesome. I said, "Actually, I've lost about 15 pounds since my surgery, but thanks for letting me know I'm fat and look pregnant." God, I can't wait to get away from Reno people. I cut my hair and it looks awesome. I was finally starting to gain some of my confidence back about my body, so that didn't help. Whatever, she's a dumb hag. I get to taper down some more off of the prednisone in 4 days. YAY!

I have been slowly packing and getting my stuff ready to go back to Las Vegas. I've already donated 5 bags of clothes which, might I add, didn't put a dent into my wardrobe. I'm pretty excited about the new place my parents and I are moving into. It has an awesome gym and the pool is on the roof, so I won't be super self-conscious about my body if I decide I want to go swimming. Plus, the place just opened recently, so like less than 20 people live there so far. I kind of want to get on with the moving process. Being here everyday is just a constant reminder that I'm totally leaving my boyfriend high and dry and being kind of shitty about it.

I called The Mayo Clinic today to get the ball rolling on my takedown surgery. I'm hoping to have it done at the end of September or beginning of October. I would love to be feeling relatively normal by Thanksgiving. I can't get into the classes that I need to take for Fall '09 semester anyway, so now is probably the best time to have it done so I can work on healing for a few months and get back in the Spring time. I just want to finish college and have a career. It's driving me nuts that I should have my Bachelor's degree by now and I don't. LAME!

So, over the next few months I am shooting for having my second surgery, healing, getting back into school (Hoping to enter the nursing program by Fall '10, Spring '11 at the latest), losing some weight (preferably all the weight I've gained since the UC started about 30-50 more pounds), getting out of debt (with a little help from my dad). That's about it.

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