Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Guess what I needed a week before I'm supposed to move....


I started feeling pretty crappy on Saturday, so I went to the emergency room to try to fix the problem before it got as bad as it did before. I learned that making that move was completely pointless because apparently all of the weekend crew in the ER (we like to call them the B Squad) cares about is getting patients comfortable and making sure there are no appendix or gallbladder problems. Awesome. Came back on Sunday... same shit. They said my labs looked fine and I wasn't dehydrated. I kept telling them that this was exactly how I was feeling before I ended up being admitted as an in-patient last time. SO, I called my GI doctor Monday (which I was advised to do by the ER nurse) and he told me to go back to the ER while he attempted to get in touch with my surgeon. I got to the ER and my heartrate was out of control again.. like 188 bpm. The EMT that was working on admitting me and the triage nurse was looking at me like I shouldn't even be conscious. They rushed me back to a room and hooked me up to and EKG machine. Much to my dismay the same freaking doctor who gave me nausea, pain meds, and IV fluids the 2 days prior (which obviously wasn't working) walked in.. they finally admitted me though. Hopefully I am not here too long because I'm supposed to be leaving in 5-6 days and my dad is arriving in Reno from Las Vegas tomorrow evening. I just really wish that I could sleep. I am so tired, but my day consists of having blood drawn for labs between 5-6 AM, shift change at 7 AM, nutrition between 8-9 AM, doctors intermittently coming by all afternoon, Lunch between 12-1 PM, dinner between 4-5 PM, Shift change for nurses at 7 PM, I usually don't see a nurse until about 9 PM, Vitals somewhere between 9 and midnight, vitals around 3 AM.. REPEAT. I'm so tired. The doctor approved sleeping pills for me this time too, so hopefully that works tonight. I am BEAT. Having MRI's done is not something I would recommend for anyone who is even remotely claustrophobic, FYI. I spent about 20 minute in a tube about as spacious as a coffin today and can't believe I didn't have a panic attack.

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